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Surveying & Builder Services

Property Survey in walton county, ga

Our Builder Services -- Property Rehabilitation, Land Surveys, & Construction Staking

At John F. Brewer & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing an array of services designed to simplify the building and rehabilitation processes. Whether you're revamping old property or constructing a new development, we have you covered. We provide services for property survey in Walton County, GA, and the surrounding areas. 

Subdivision Rehabilitation

During this service, we go out to old subdivisions and bring them up to code. Many of these properties have sat unattended for years, and we specialize in bringing those properties up to building permit stage. Our rehabilitation services include:

• Property Surveying
• Topographical Surveys
• Construction Staking
• Geodetic Surveying
• Flood Certification
• Loan & Foundation Surveys
• ALTA.ACSM Land Title Surveys

Property Surveying

Our land surveyor in Monroe, GA, will make sure you get the information you need. It’s essential for a property owner to know where the boundaries are for their home or business. This is important whether or not you’re planning to build or make other changes to your property. Knowing where the boundaries are helps you to make improvements on your land, rather than on your neighbor’s. It’s not enough to rely on memory or what others say. You need the legal, documented proof that’s part and parcel of a land survey.

It’s crucial you have a survey in hand when buying or building. Otherwise, you could end up purchasing more or less property than you were expecting or putting up a new building that’s only partially on your own land.

Ask us to provide you with a thorough survey. As a company, we’ve been doing this for more than 25 years. Our survey includes the:

·         Property Boundaries

·         Location of All Buildings on the Property

·         Location of Any Improvements Made

·         Any Easements

·         A Description of the Land’s Natural Features

·         Utilities --Poles, Lines, Pipes, Drains, Etc.

Construction Staking & Builder Services

Our goal is to make your building process go as smoothly as possible. We offer a variety of builder services aimed at achieving that, from site plans to closing survey. One of these services is construction staking. What this involves is asking us to take the architect’s building plans and place stakes at the locations of improvements. This way, the builder knows exactly where to put up that new building or that driveway. With our skill and experience, you can count on accurate and thorough surveys from our company.

Additionally, we can perform a FEMA elevation certificate survey for flood insurance purposes.

Billing Details

Regardless of which services you need, we want to make the payment process easy and stress-free. With this in mind, we've partnered with SupplyPro to offer a simple online payment portal for all of our clients.

Contact us today to request a free estimate for land surveying services. Located in Walton County, Georgia, we proudly serve clients throughout Georgia and Alabama.

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